EmageView is a Flash Photo Gallery with the following features:

  • Offline & online management of your images (scaling, thumbnail creation, uploading)
  • Browsing in File, Date or TimeLine mode
  • Support images/flash/video/external links (YouTube, DailyMotion, GoogleVideo e.t.c.)
  • Secure individual images with password protection
  • Optimized for large databases (tested with over 20.000 images)
  • Polaroid mode that displays random images
  • No programming, scripting or html knowledge required
  • Mousewheel support for zooming on the images
  • Users of your site can view your images in colored, desaturated, black & white, sepia, blue or green modes
  • Full control over brightness, contrast & saturation
  • Description and keyword tagging of images for text search functionality
  • Alphabetical & chronological folder lists
  • Integrates with Flickr & FaceBook
  • ...

Unlimited Layout Options

Random Polaroid View